Friday, August 20, 2010


Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, Ahmadinejad meets with Ahmadinejad and says "It is clear for Qatar that the development of Iran's nuclear technology is no threat to the regional countries."

The Big Fella praised as "Emir of Resistance" in Lebanon.

Espionage case underscores Cairo-Doha tensions.

India's Petronet to buy some Qatari LNG next month.

Qatar seeks to improve its corporate responsibility standards.

Power problems over at the aluminum factory.

A report on Qatar Red Crescent's efforts in Pakistan.

American expat uses Qatar's blazing sun to bake cookies.

The Heir Apparent issues a decree "banning labourers from staying in groups in residential areas of families."

And a former American expat notes the tolerance he encountered in Qatar and his concerns about the damage that may be done by the Cordoba House political tempest.

Qatar Airways rep notes that if you walk the Qatari streets, "you’re safer than in Washington."

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